Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Iblog6 Invades!

Iblo6 Invades!
Iblog6 by Janet Toral is my very first blogger event I ever attended in my whole life of blogging. I've been blogging for almost a year now, so I am that happy that I attended the Iblog6. It's not only that I've learned how to blog BETTER, but I also met the bloggers that I can only see online, like Kelvin, Kuya Roy - even thought I didn't talk to him personally, it's because of the 15mins opportunity to have networking with other bloggers-, Kuya Paul Gerald, Kuya Melvin, Kuya Jab, The speakers: Hannah Villasis, Vince Golangco, Juned Sonido - I liked this one because he really brought his COLLECTION of CAMERAS -, Emerson BaƱez, Racquel R. Cagurangan, Jinoe Gavan, Mark Ronald Rimorin, Noemi Dado, Joseph Gonzales, Marghil Macuha. And we were entertained by UP Concert Chorus, they really have the very good voice especially Roy jr. *wink!

The Highlights of the event:

FlairCandy on stage:
  • SEO = Optimizing the Blog
    • SEO = Traffic
    • Traffic = Money
  • Healthy Blog contains
    • Traffic
    • Links
    • Content
Vince Golangco on stage:
  • VideoBlogging or Vlog
    • Can be 2x Powerful than a common blog
    • Personal Branding
    • Remembering
    • Make $$$
Juned Sonido on stage:
  • Photoblogging 101
    • 10 things to remember
      • Shoot, shoot and shoot!
      • Respect people
      • Respect the Custom
      • Get time to know the people an the place
      • Always carry spare (batteries, charger, films)
      • Know the camera
      • Protect and take care of your camera
      • Always be prepared to learn - no knowledge is too old or too new -
      • It is the Indian not the bow
    • What do you get out of it?
      • Relavation and Stress Release
      • Adventure and pleasure of taking a snapshot
      • Becoming a story teller and a chronicles
      • Friendship and Camaradure
      • Career
Emerson Banez on stage:
  • Blog Policy
    • Concole
    • Restrains
    • NO
    • :)
    • Aspirational
    • Guidelines
  • Blogging Policy
    • Aspects
    • Company
    • Employees
    • Individual blogger
Racquel Cagurangan on stage:
  • Blog on Mobile
    • We blog because we have a message
      • Hobby
      • Advocacy
      • Profession
      • Nothing else to do
      • Earn Money
      • Personal Expression
  • Push blog entries to Mobile Phones* *selected cellular phones
  • Serve mobile advertisements
    • Schedule push
    • Rich media
    • Ad support
    • Interactivity
    • Easy to use
  • Features
    • Push notification and Auto-Activation
    • Support for most widely blog publishin systems
    • Scheduled delivery
    • Rich media support
    • Global reach
    • Mobile Advertising
      • Supports:
        • CPM
        • CPC
Marck Rimorin on stage:
  • Diaries and Dessent
    • Simple Rules
      • Innovate
      • Inform
      • Engage
      • Empowered
Jinoe Gavan on stage:
  • Launching Successful Blog Contest
    • Why have a blog contest?
      • to Reward the readers
      • to Promote the site
      • to Increase site traffic
      • to Promote the product
      • to Encourage participation and interaction
    • Types of contest
      • Blog
      • Photo
      • Video
      • Quiz
      • Comment
      • Survey / Poll
    • When to have a blog
      • Celebrate
      • Promotion
      • Interaction
Joseph T. Gonzales on stage:
  • Impact of Blogging to the community - I didn't take down notes because he is more in the story of his blog and his community.  He is fun talking with :)
Marghil Macuha on stage:
  • SEO: A Must for Making Money Online
    • SEO Ranking Factors
    • Concrete Steps
    • Blog about what people are searching for
    • Link Building
    • SEO Takes time
    • Be patient
    • Read the Guerilla blogging e-books,  just google "Guerilla Blogging e-books" to get it for free.

I will repost the videos I take from the Iblog6. Hope to see you next Iblog!


  1. WOW, naunahan mu pa ako. hehe
    nag hahanap kasi ako ng mga pics. hehe.
    Nice post! =)

  2. Nakaka-inggit naman. Hehe. Seriously, I hope I'll make it to some events like this. BTW, I'm a PUPian too. ;-)

  3. You're not that too late. Pwede ka pa naman mag post e :) Thanks!

  4. Wow you're really a PUPian? That's very good to hear :) Iblogph have their bloggers event every year. And I'm also hoping next year or sooner magkaron ulit :D And then you can come na :) Hope to see you next blog events!

  5. Yeah, I hope that next year makapunta na ko. And yes, a PUPian here but I'm from Sta. Rosa Campus and I think you're from the Main Campus, right? Hehe. I.T din course ko, cool right?

  6. Hehe, whatever campus of PUP, we always rock! :D

  7. Tama! It's always nice to be a PUPian :)

  8. dimplesmedranoMay 05, 2010 8:44 PM

    3rd year this sem :D