Thursday, April 22, 2010

An HIV postive Annie Lennox on Idols gives back

Tonight on American Idol was the annual Idol Gives Back show, where money is raised for Africa children born into poverty. Because of unable to travel due to volcanic ashes Annie Lennox performed on the show via satellite. Lennox is a social and political activist and tonight she caused quite a stir on Idol Gives Back.

Annie Lennox
performed with Arethra Franklin. When Lennox came out on stage she first bowed to the iconic Arethra Franklin, but what struck America strange was the “HIV Positive” shirt that Annie Lennox sported. Many people were left wondering if the controversial Annie Lennox was indeed HIV positive or not.
NO, she is not positive in HIV Virus but she is an advocate for HIV Virus treatments.

Annie Lenox, an HIV Virus treatment advocate

However, this year Idol Gives Back is raising the more money for American programs rather then African. The programs that will receive the charity money from Idol Gives Back are Children's Health Fund, Malaria No More, Save the Children's US Programs and the United Nations Foundation.

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