Friday, February 26, 2010

iBlog: The 6th Philippine Blogging Summit.

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The awaited iBlog Philippine Blogging Summit is here now! The 2 days seminar will be held at Malcolm Theater, UP College of Law, UP Diliman (which is near to our school: PUPQC :D).

These are the topics to be discussed:

Friday, February 19, 2010

PayPal is a SCAM?

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PayPal is known as the Safest way of transacting money online to buy or sell. You can have an account for Personal, Premium and Business. Then this day I have knew that PayPal have their mafia and some of the testimony of other old member of PayPal accused that PayPal is a Scam.

It's a fine day for me to have my active account on some PTC sites I have registered. Then the administrators of a site have their welcome page to their members about the freezing of their account:

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Machinarium: A Full-length Puzzle Flash Game

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Hi everyone! How have you been? Are you bored in playing common Flash Games? Why don't you try Machinarium by Amanita Design! Amanita Design is also the one who made the Point and Click games: Samorots (1 and 2), Questionaut, The Quest for the Rest, Rocketman VC, and The Pantry

Monday, February 15, 2010

We are the World 25 Video For Haiti

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I have known this song from a Television Station. I was so amazed when I have watched the video. And I'm very proud of many artist who participated to sing the song with all their might and heart. This video is for the people of Haiti. If you want to donate, Click Here >> Donate Hope it'll touch your heart. Enjoy!

Happy Post-Valentine!

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Hi everybody! I am sorry I have not post here a greeting for Valentine's Day. I hope you have your Valentines, so sweet and happy :)

Happy Post-Valentine!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Tinas One-Million-Thank Yous Celebration!

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It's hereee now! and Celebrating Tina's One-Million-Visits!. I have known Tina's blog because of, a PTC site. And every time her blog will be the one to be clicked, I'll stop and read her posts that is really interesting! She's also good in Graphic Designing! I've already follow her blog ;)

And now, she's celebrating her One-Million-Visits for her blog! And she will give away prices for those who want to join her celebration.

How to join?

Monday, February 1, 2010

Nursing Board Exam Results: November 2009-2010

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Congrats to passers of November 2009 Nursing Board Examination here in the Philippines!

Here are the lists of names passed.

Century Tuna Superbods Run

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The taste of corned beef just got really sexy with new Century Corned Tuna. It's made with delicious, Century-quality tuna that's seasoned with a distinct smoked flavor for that corned beefy taste!  Why Century Corned Tuna is that healthy?
  • Super-Packed with Omega 3 DHA
  • Low in Choresterol
  • No Preservatives

No More Bad Valentines

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Rules of Valentine's Day? That is "Allowed is no more allowed" (Di na pwede and pwede)
  • Why have roses if there are tulips?
  • Why dine in a restaurant if you can in beach?
  • And Why DREAM if you can make it REAL?