Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Trying to Blog through E-mail

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Yes, you heard it right. I wrote this post via email. 'Cause I've noticed the Email Icon above the name of my blog at my dashboard. And I have searched how to use that icon. And viola! I've made this! Haha . Here's how:

Friday, July 17, 2009

365 Words a Year

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You can have 365 Words per year and you might have all those words in the dictionary
- Our Dean, Professor Gatan

I remember our first meeting in our class.  He said always saying anything he want to say and anything that is currently running to his mind.  Actually, my previous post, Con-Ass: The Meanings, he's my reference posting that topic.  He's the one who have opened my mind to the current situation of our country.  And by this time, I'll share to you, as the readers, the other lesson I've learned from him :)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Back Masking

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Back Masking? Yeah I know that I am late now posting this 'cause it aroused before I was born >.<

I first realized it when I and my classmates talked about it. I only know that when you play the song backwards, it has other meaning, but i didn't know that they called it Back Masking. wew. Noob Girl.

Anyway, BackMasking, on what I learned from them (my classmates), is playing a song backwards and catch the other meaning of it. Majority of the Backmasked songs is satanic, my classmate said that the songwriter, while writing the specific song, is possessed (you know). But there are some Christian Song that when you backmask, it has other meaning too: praising and worshiping God :)

I'll give you a sample of a backmasked video courtesy of YouTube.com

Friday, July 3, 2009

ConAss: The Meanings

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There are so many "meanings" of ConAss that is contrary to the real meaning of this. We rally almost every season to stop the implementation and the agreeing of the government to it. But sadly, some of the people inclusive in the particular rally don't really know what they're fighting for. I saw that on TV.

One of the reporter, while in the rally at Makati, asked some people if they do know what the ConAss really mean. Some said: "Di ko alam", some said: "Pagpapalit ng.. ano! oo!" and whoever and whatever. And they publicize also the teenagers and the younger ones having meeting and explaining them by those who really knows what the ConAss is to the not-really-know others. Much better explained to others than elders who really ever don't know. Very annoying :( But what is really the meaning of this ConAss or Constituent Assembly?