Friday, July 17, 2009

365 Words a Year

You can have 365 Words per year and you might have all those words in the dictionary
- Our Dean, Professor Gatan

I remember our first meeting in our class.  He said always saying anything he want to say and anything that is currently running to his mind.  Actually, my previous post, Con-Ass: The Meanings, he's my reference posting that topic.  He's the one who have opened my mind to the current situation of our country.  And by this time, I'll share to you, as the readers, the other lesson I've learned from him :)

He started on saying: "Read the dictionary.  You can have 365 Words a year", then he explained that read at least 1 word from the dictionary, know its meaning, and how to use it, then use and use it for one day.  Enhance and expand your vocabulary by doing this.  

It is a very good practice to us and for us to expand our vocabulary and to stop being cliche.


  1. Hi!
    Nice Idea but how long it will took us to finish a dictionary like that?
    Its more then 20,000 words in my dictionary.

  2. @lunaticg
    Actually, I really don't know, but i'm very much sure that you will have 365 words per year :)

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  4. @J2M0A0C9 a.k.a. Kuya Rickspot
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