Friday, July 3, 2009

ConAss: The Meanings

There are so many "meanings" of ConAss that is contrary to the real meaning of this. We rally almost every season to stop the implementation and the agreeing of the government to it. But sadly, some of the people inclusive in the particular rally don't really know what they're fighting for. I saw that on TV.

One of the reporter, while in the rally at Makati, asked some people if they do know what the ConAss really mean. Some said: "Di ko alam", some said: "Pagpapalit ng.. ano! oo!" and whoever and whatever. And they publicize also the teenagers and the younger ones having meeting and explaining them by those who really knows what the ConAss is to the not-really-know others. Much better explained to others than elders who really ever don't know. Very annoying :( But what is really the meaning of this ConAss or Constituent Assembly?

Our teacher in Politics and Governance (and also our dean) told us that only the minority, not consulting the Senate, is debating about that change of Constitution. He said that ConAss is changing the Presidential Costitution to Prime Ministerial Constitution. We heard that PGMA, after her term being a President, will run as Governor in Pampanga, and he said (our dean) that in case the ConAss will be implemented, PGMA (as the Governor) will not questionable be a Prime Minister of the country.

Constituent assembly or "con-ass" is one of the three modes in which the 1987 Constitution of the Philippines could be amended or revised. The other two modes are via People's Initiative and Constitutional Convention. The bicameral Philippine Congress (Senate and the House of Representatives) is in a Constituent assembly mode when they formally convene to propose amendments or revisions to the 1987 constitution; and under Article XVII of the Constitution of the Philippines, upon a vote of three-fourths of all its Members.

Charter Change under Arroyo
The process of amending or revising the 1987 constitution of the Philippines is recently known to many Filipinos as Charter Change. The anti-charter change forces threatened massive protests on the political process that could lead to a plebiscite on the charter change issue. Any proposed amendment or revision to the 1987 Constitution shall only be valid when ratified by the majority of Filipinos in a plebiscite. This is an ongoing current event, with massive rallys and protests, affect every Filipino domestically and globally. Charter change in the Philippines is a very controversial event, for the last time the constitution was appended, it led to the prolonging of the term of President Marcos and eventually, Martial Law.

Source Wikipedia

Martial Law, papatungan nanaman ba ang pagiging demokratiko natin? We should not allow this. And even it is not going to have a Martial Law, we should be aware, Government is only the pathmaker, but we, the Filipinos, really hold this country, we own this, we are the one who voted and let them sit where they are sitting right now. Hold your rights people. Fight for it.


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