Tuesday, June 30, 2009

New at my Blog

Not posting currently? I'm quite busy at school and what to blog. But till now I can't think of anything :)) Just kidding. Anyway, I have added some gadgets here at my blog. At the right side, The MyPage5.com: a Social Networking site, and the updated Featured Blogger on the right.

Let's Start with the left. The MyPage5.com is a social networking site. You can earn money here while mingling with other friends online widely explained here.

Next: The Featured Blogger. I've added it actually while fixing my blog for it's new version Interest Things 1.5. I've decided to add it because I really admire bloggers to be posted at that gadget. Like the one I've posted now ;D Because they made me inspired to them online and offline. Congrats also to each blogger to be posted here!


  1. interesting you featured blogger section mo ah! :D
    (sana mapunta din ako dun... :P)

  2. @Kelvin
    haha. Goodluck! You're one of the influential Blogger i've met. di naman malayong mapunta ka jan e ;)