Friday, June 12, 2009

My First Money Online!

Yes! I finally got my money from VixenArt for Layout-Making! Actually, I just tried to get it :P. And luckily, I've got it exactly on my birthday (June 11, 2009, Thurs.)! I got it via G-Cash at Globe (SM Fairview Branch). here's the proof:

Globe at SM Fairview

Si Ate, yung nag-assist sakin :)

My money from VixenArt

Cool Vixenart! I can now personally help my family financially and I can now buy what I want with my own money ;) Thanks VixenArt!

More photos here.


  1. ..pano ka po ba gumagawa ng mga lay-outs??

  2. @Anonymous
    Hmm.through Michael Friendster editor po :)

  3. ...wat happened sa friendster lay-outs???
    ...totoo un?? d ndw cla mgbabayad??

  4. @Anonymous.
    Hmm. Yap. But it's ok, I started to them naman na walang bayad e :)