Sunday, June 21, 2009

First Week of School

Miss blogging these days. Busy at school at thinking what to blog ;)

I got excited when my first week of class started. I really now feel that I am a 2nd Year IT student! While I'm walking along the road to our room, I am thinking of what to do and what to say to greet my classmates. I do really miss them so much :) Especially him ;)
Let's start my post to the list of my schedule:

  • Programming 3 (COBOL) 7:30am - 10:30am
  • P.E. 3 (Table Tennis) 12:00nn - 2:00pm
  • Computer System Organization 5:00pm - 8:00pm
  • Programming 3 (COBOL) 7:30am - 10:30am
  • Politics 10:30am - 1:30pm
  • Statistics and Probability 7:30am - 10:30am
  • Speech Communication 1:30pm - 4:30pm
  • Heograpiya at Kasaysayan ng Pilipinas (Geographic and History of the Philippines) 6:00pm - 8:00pm
  • Computer System Organization 9:00am - 12:00nn
  • Discrete Structure (Math) 12:00nn - 3:00pm

Monday, while waiting for our professor, me and my classmates talked about our summer, not good summer :)) NO! just kidding here :P we have cool summer. Many birthdays attended, summer vacation of course, and many many more! Then our professor comes, this what I like, they'll only say their outline and then tenen! Uwian na! hahaha! That's really what I love on first week of school.

Wednesday, start of our programming! Really really excited when it talks to programming! Since I've learned about C++ and some experience at C, also thesis using Visual Basic 6.0 when I was 1st year college, I really get excited everytime. Really cool COBOL. English-like structure, very easy to understand :) Politics: our dean didn't came that time :D

Annoying (:

Stats and Prob, Mr. Caturay leads it. But eventually ( or should I say evertime? :)) ), he always comes to stories even it's our time of discussion. Very cool teacher. Miss him too ;)
Speech Comm., new teacher mingled, Miss Salmorin teacher also in High School, I really admire her when she starts teaching us in Straight-English speaking. She's really cool. She teach us patiently how to count and say the words in right pronunciations and grammar, that other teachers don't. peace!

Sys. Com. Org., actually we start our class first in Discrete Structure (Math). I want to post here the different operations but difference on how to use. I really like it. 'Cause I really like math and I admire my prof. He's an alumni at our school ;)

I am thinking to post my lessons every weekend. For other colleges at the same course and even to not but the same subjects. Help me decide :P

more photos here. [x]


  1. Wow. I love your concept here. Great post and enjoi school! :)

    Nino Natividad

  2. wow thanks. you're the first to comment my post. Have a nice day :)

  3. wee, 2nd year ka din pala.. ^__^
    may programming na din kame sa computer class namin khit Civil Engineering course ko... at excited n din ako.. LOL

  4. @kelvin

    Cool! goodluck sa programming. madali lang naman talaga sila e (hope so) :))

  5. @Dimples
    sana nga madali.. ung "C" daw, ewan ko kung ano ung pag-aaralan namin, bsta parang "C" ung cnabi ni prof.. :P

  6. @Kelvin
    dalawa yung version ng C, C++ and C#, ay 3 pala. kasama yung C lang :)) madali lang yun. parang html lang :D