Tuesday, April 13, 2010

How to format your USB through Command Prompt

Formatting a USB Universal Storage Bus is common for those "USV's" or we my classmates and I, and/or some of the IT students commonly call it: Universal Storage of Viruses. An example of a USB virus is the problem that we can't access it. We can't see or at least recover our files, and it cause sometimes an error in formatting it. So I will teach you how to format a USB in other way than the GUI one -- the one that uses a right-clicking and Format--

OK let's start!

A. Opening a Command Prompt:

1. Click Start
2. Then click All Programs
3. Point to Accessories
4. And click Command Prompt


1. Open RUN ways of opening it:

  • Hold the Windows (it is in between the left CTRL and ALT) picture on your keyboard then press R
  • Type cmd
  • Press OK
  1. Click Start then RUN
  2. Type cmd
  3. Press OK
Command Prompt in its default location

B. Type the location of the USB

It is commonly D:, E:,G:, or H:, depend on the number of disk inserted

C. Press Enter on your keyboard

It will go to the location typed.

D. Type Format location of the USB: then press Enter on your keyboard

It should look like this

E. Then the format process will begin. I didn't press enter thought my USB have has no problem with it ;D

F. The command prompt will say that the format is done. And that's it! You're done! Congratulations!

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