Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Issue: PUP Tuition Hike

The current big issue that our school is encountering now.

Kami ay dumating ng salat sa yaman

The Tuition Fee hike of the selected course is really feel by the students of the PUP, even in it's branches, even if it is not implemented finally. My teacher discussed it before we had our 5th quiz awhile ago. He told us the the side of the faculty why they should have a tuition hike.
He said that our government will deduct the subsidy for the school, because they said that the faculty have no time to make a research for the government. Unlike the UP Campuses, they contributed much of researches for they are worthy to give more subsidy for their future researches. But on the other hand, the tuition hike is for facility purposes. My teacher said that facilities affect the quality of education. We have unpropitious chairs and the rooms are not enough for the number of the students enrolled. And also the faculty was affected in our tuition, that they have to get another load to make their living better. That also causes them have no time to make researches for our government.

I know that we have the right to protest. We enter the school for the affordable tuition. I will not have my final word, but the admin is trying to give us better future, think of it.

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