Friday, March 12, 2010

Always new at Blogger!

Blogger has always its surprise each and everyday to its users. They made Blogger in draft - edit your blog in draft -, a new navigational bar, cloud label, read more jump links, stand-alone page tabs and now the Template Designer!

The New Blogger Template Designer

(right click and choose "view image" to see image larger)
It's Features and Functions:

Templates Section
  • This is where you can choose simple but cool templates with different designs!
Background Section
  • This is where you can choose the different background color of the template you have chosen.
Layout Section
  • This is where you can edit the layout of your Sidebar Widgets, Footer Widgets and expand or minimize the width of the body of the template or the sidebars only.  You can set also how many columns you want for your blog - both of Sidebar and Footer.
Advance Section
  • This is only the feature of the old template editor of blogger.  And now, it is really advance!  It is now very specific and more understandable.  The same way how to edit like before.  But not that what you have template installed is that what it will edit in this section. NO.  You have to choose first the template what you have seen in their Template Section.  And that's the only template you can edit in advance.  Always download the full template of your previous installed template before trying and applying this one.  This section added the editing of the Gadgets - the sidebars - adding the editing of alternative colors!  The Images - the background, border and the caption!. Accents before the border lines.  And you can add now the CSS or Cascading Style Sheets

Always NOTE
  • Download the full template of your previous installed template before trying and applying new template.
  • It can only be seen in Blogger in Draft
  • This feature of Blogger can see in Layout Tab / Section.

Blogger always made the newbie bloggers feel professional.  Blogger is the best!


  1. + Thanks sheila for informing me about this. BTW, why did you change your e-mail add?

  2. You're always welcome :)
    No. I did not change my email add. Why?

  3. tnx