Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Typhoons at Philippines

I know that I'm quite late to post this kind of topic.

Anyway, last September 26, 2009, Typhoon Ondoy ruin whole Metro Manila, including other near cities. It ruins most the cities of Marikina and Rizal, because of the big rivers surrounds them. Manila and Quezon City that was not that ruined by typhoon before, was very affected now,

This video proves that. At UERM Campus:

Me too, here in our place at Novaliches, Quezon City, experience the Wrath of that Typhoon. We're that lucky because our house stands at higher place. But houses that near the river and lower than ours, they're houses were almost destroy. Fortunately on the other side, their houses were concrete the most affected only was their furniture and appliances. And they also thank God for their families were safe.

My older sister was also trapped including the others at their ways because of not normal flood at QC North Edsa. She was trapped almost 9hours on a bus. And that day also our telephone line and meralco line cut. Meralco got back their service 3 days after the typhoon, and our telephone line was just got back YESTERDAY! and I haven't get online because of that :( Anyway, I'm happy cause I'm going to get active online again :)

There's other typhoon also right after the Ondoy, the Remil, and this coming Undas (All Saint's Day), the Typhoon Santi.

I hope this'll stop soon. So let's pray.

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  1. oww.. that was the greates nightmare especialy marikina. aww... thanks for sharing. :)