Saturday, October 31, 2009

My Blog at PR 1

Wew! At last. My Page Rank move! Well, this was just my very first time to have a PR. It was been almost 4 months or more from being 0. I been checking every blog that has a PR buttons like mine. And they have already ranked, but mine still none. So I feel very awful. And I think that my blog was still nothing to the earth of Google.

That's the other reason why I almost stop blogging. But still, I try my best. I tried every keyword that can possibly search at Google Search Engine. Keywords that have sense of course :) And that's it! I ranked PR1. I think my post about Typhoons affects it. Well, much better than none. Hahaha! Well very happy for that rank? Yes I am, of course that's my first time. But I will not stop. Thanks to those readers who supports me :) Even if I don't know you well or really don't, Thank You!

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Thank You!