Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Banned New Moon Trailer

It's just a video made by the cool Take180.

Devon Kelly
Josh Nuncio
Eric Ramsey
Kara Luiz
and Playgirl's own -- Niko!

We thought that New Moon is that dramatic. But this group of people made it comedy! And that video is really funny. Try to watch it before you watch the real movie of New Moon. Rather than being touch or emotional, you'll laugh cause you remember the part of the real movie to this trailer :)) PROVEN!

Source: YouTube


  1. Hahaha napanood ko na 'to last time. But still made me laugh! Especially the "kiss me" and "paper cut" scenes! Hahaha. :P

    btw, tip lang, mas maganda kung maglalagay ka din ng "Name/url" option dito sa "comment as" mo. Kasi some bloggers wants links directly on their blogs and not on their google profile. :)

  2. anong site tutorial ba ang pinupuntahan mo?
    to edit your blog

  3. @Kelvin
    Hahahaha, I like naman yung sa part na 'Can you still see me? How about that?' Haha. Thanks sa tip. Aayusin ko pa kasi ito for enhancing my SEO skills :)

    Hmm, I just used my experience in CSS and HTML :)

  4. The vid's really funny... Ate, you should watch 'Harry Potter has ADHD' also... Nakakatwa din yun... ^^