Monday, August 31, 2009

Photo Manipulation

Hi readers! I miss posting aww! Anyway, I want to share my first Photo Manipulation with sliced images. Yes, MY FIRST . While I'm browsing some photos of Sandara Park's Fan Page at Facebook, I saw her cute photo . Here it is:

So I decided to manipulate it and here's the result:

I get curious about sliced images that I usually see in some blogger's site. So I try it with the image above, and here's the result, Click Here!

And that's my experiment . Hope you all like it! *wink


  1. It looks good but it would look more better if the face of Sandara is clear and which have a light effect.. anyway, keep it up! :) Now I miss editing pictures.. hehe

  2. Wow, thanks for the tip! I just experiment the picture and it is the first time I edit a picture seriously, though it is still not good enough :P anyway thanks!

  3. nice work! I have ben trying to study photo manipulation too.

  4. cool!! ^__^

    btw, ganda naman ni sandara sa pic n yan.. LOL

  5. @elmot
    Just try and try until you're contented to your experiment ;)

    Wew Thanks!
    oo nga e, nakaagaw ng pansin kaya yan inEdit ko :P