Saturday, August 8, 2009

How to Register at Google Adsense

A blogger requested me to post this topic 'cause his adsense was not yet approved by Google Adsense Team. Here's how I register my Adsense:

Sign Up and fill this forms: (Click to see larger views)

After that, Google will post a statement saying that they will check first the site you have registered then they will email it to you after 3 or 5 business days before you can access your account.

In Blogger: This will be the Ads that will appear while Google Team investigating your blog if it is to be approved or not.

Public Service Ad by Google

Then you will receive either of the 2 email: (Click for larger view)

Adsense for my Blogger Blog

Adsense for my Wordpress Blog
They didn't accept posting their Ad cause I do not have own a domain there.

After approving, the ads will automatically show at your blog.

There's other way on putting Google Adsense on your blog (Blogger)
1. Sign in at Blogger with your Google Account.

2. Go to Layout link. [x]

3. Click "Publish Ads with Google Adsense" [x]

4. You will be redirected here: [x]

5. Then here: [x]

6.A Public Service Ads will be appear first at your blog while Google Team is investigating your blog. But you do not have to Sign up with Google Adsense ;)

7. And that's it! You're done! Congratulations!