Friday, May 8, 2009

Proud to be PUPian :)

Why you won't be proud if you have great teachers like mine(/ours)? Kind, approachable, friendly, very nice and very intelligent especially in teaching. They're just our barkada when they are with us. They jam with us, have a joke with us, and join our trip without hesitations. That's why I love my teachers :) Want to know them? Here are there simple informations (I take their picture from our bulletin :P):

Professor Irynne P. Gatchalian
A.K.A. Ma'am Gatch
Our professor in Information Technology, and Programming
Also a head of Student Affair and Services

Professor Cleotilde B. Servigon
A.K.A. Ma'am Bing
Our professor in keyboarding. Even though we only have each and our own keyboard (without monitor! keyboard only.), She still continue teaching us, even to other courses, She's very friendly.
She only became our teacher in First year, First Semester.
She is also our Campus Registrar.

Professor Alma Fernandez
Our teacher in Geometry (First Year, First Semester).
She's strict inside the room but very approachable and friendly outside :)

Professor Demelyn E. Monzon
A.K.A. Ma'am Dem
BS Information Technology Adviser. Our adviser also in NSTP :)

Professor Abraham Seth Bernardino
you can call him Sir Seth ;)
Brother of Professor Servigon.
Our teacher in Physical Education 1 and 2 (and upto 3 and 4 ;D)

Sir Roberto B. Doromal
teacher in Hardware Installations (First Year, 2nd Semester)
He's Very Friendly. He's just like our barkada :)

Professor Mario Ruben Morales
Our teacher in Software Installation :)

Professor Edwin A. Servigon
Spouse of Ma'am Bing.
He's our teacher in Management and Business Organization (First Year, 2nd Semester)

Dr. Jennifor Aguilar
A.K.A. Sir Poi
Our one and only Filipino Teacher in whole PUP Commonwealth Campus.
A proud Doctorate in Education.

Professor Norberto V. Caturay
A.K.A Sir Nori
Our proud teacher in English, Trigonometry, and future teacher in Statistics (Hope So :D).
He's very kind to us and very understandable teacher.
He always want to have time talking and sharing with us.
We're also happy to be with him :)

Wew! I'm really proud that I am one of the students their teaching to. Glad and really proud to be a PUPian!

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